Monday, 1 December 2008

Three Christmas Cooks

Not that you would know it on here, but I have been pretty busy of late. I am frustrated with myself for not keeping the blog up to date, but I think I have to relax and realise that it is going to slip a bit until we have finished this run of building work - the house and our lives are chaos.

The beauty of it is that when this run of building work is finished, I will have a dedicated sewing space... I will be able to spread out and leave it spread out... I can't wait.

Back to the now though...

I have started and finished three little cooks sets, for three little people for Christmas.

They each get an apron with their initials,

a rolling pin and a couple of cutters,

and a matching bag to keep it all in.



dottycookie said...

Oh, so cute!

JuliaB said...

Very lovely. You have inspired me! I have already made aprons but think I might make another ... and then something else for my other 2 children (well not MINE, but 2 of the multitude that are on my shoping list! ...) .. x

Kyoko said...

What a great present! Is the apron all lined as well?
So nice to hear that you will have your own sewing room. I have mine but completely full of wool and fabric and there is hardly any space.

carolyn said...

The cooks sets are just perfect.