Sunday, 1 March 2009

Tiny Hand-Warmers

I've finished my first knitting project! A very shonky pair of hand-warmers for M. With little blue star buttons and a plaited string to loop through the sleeves of his jacket.

The knitting is of terrible quality, but I don't care. I set out to make these, and I was going to finish them whatever. They are functional, but have no function at all as obviously M doesn't want them near him and pulled and yelled until I took them out of his coat. This, actually, was the predicted outcome, but I thought that maybe the special buttons would sway him - no such luck!

Oh well, I am wondering who I might be able to give these to, but fear I am giving away the gift of a battle with your child.

I don't mind, I have finished my first knitting project and have been spurred on to start another, so the exercise has been worthwhile. And, what I didn't want was another unfinished project!


Eva said...

it is your first knitting project, save it as a token of triumph and love it, adore it!

are those cables i see? i think they are very accomplished for a first project. do knit more, i would love to see your progress.

JuliaB said...

oh dear poor you! But the knitting is gorgeous! lovely colours too. Well done! I always wanted a pair of string gloves/mittens when i was little, but my mum wasn't the sort to even know these things existed. More's the pity! x