Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Excited about needlepoint

I have been a bit absent of late up here. I have actually been doing a fair bit of crafting, but not got around to posting any of it. I will do, but I need to get this post out of my hair first.

A couple of weeks ago now (gosh time flies!) Attic 24 wrote a post that rang some little bells far away in the depths of my brain. This post was about the possibility of getting excited about needlepoint. And the cushion that she has to demonstrate the excitement is right up my street.

Before I started getting excited about sewing and knitting, I got excited for a while about needlepoint. Mainly due to one book found in a charity shop, and then another. I was living in London at the time and the repeats reminded me of the deliciousness of British Rail and London Underground upholstery fabric... surely I am not the only one?

To go off on a slight tangent here, I just did a search online to see if I could find any lovely examples of the deliciousness of London Underground Upholstery fabric, and drew a blank, but I did find a competition on at the moment to design a fabric of your very own for this purpose. You can apply through this link at Transport for London. Entries close 14/09/09. What an odd coincidence. Perhaps we have a challenge?!

Anyway, back to point. Here are the nice books, they are both currently available through Abe books:

The New World of Needlepoint by Lisbeth Perrone, ISBN 0 00 411824 3

And Trianglepoint by Sherlee Lantz, ISBN 0 670 73030 0

Such yummy patterns.


dottycookie said...

I go through phases of loving needlepoint. In fact, you've reminded me that I have a piece finished upstairs waiting to be turned into a cushion cover ...

Petit Filoux said...

So funny that you should mention that actually, as I had a similar reaction after reading Attic24's post! Having never done needlepoint before, I went to buy myself two patterns (with wool etc)to practise, one of a little picture with hearts to frame, the other of a bookmark. Not started either yet, but still very excited about it! How long did it take you to make that cushion?!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Funnily enough, I too have some unfinished (years old) needlepoint - thanks for the reminder.
Your post also reminded me of a couple of lovely books I have on the subject, namely 'Glorifilia" and Kaffe Fassett. Hmmmm.... must go, I've got to dig out the books/needlework!
Happy days to you
Denise x

KatieGirlBlue said...

Wiping the drool off the keyboard. That book looks fab.