Monday, 25 January 2010

Next project: a quilt for the new blog

I've started on my next project... a quilt for the Backstitch blog (which will be up and running soon) I was basting it at the weekend which is a bit of a job with an expanding bump!

I'm hand quilting this one so some dedicated hours in front of the TV I think.

Just desperately in love with this fabric though, which will be in the shop once I go live.


Jennifer said...

That is beautiful fabric. Nothing quite like cozying up and working on tiny little stitches. Have fun.

Rhiannon said...

How can you sell that fabric?! Its so beautiful!

(or does this mean that you have enough to keep some for yourself whilst spreading the love?)

Really looking forward to the shop going live

Kyoko said...

I have never hand quilted anything before. I guess it must be a little like knitting (slow going but satisfying). It looks beautiful. Look forward to seeing it on Backstitch!

Stephie said...

I absolutely love hand quilting, there's nothing so satisfying. Your stitching is lovely and neat too - and that is definitely one gorgeous piece of fabric!