Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I love my ironing board

So, ages and ages ago I picked up an old wooden ironing board from a car boot sale for £2. Yes! A whole two pounds. Up until this point I was using a duvet cover laid out on my cutting table.

The ironing board was grubby and with rusty bits and the cover, if you could call it that, was pinned on very badly with multi-coloured drawing pins. Also, when you ironed it gave off a nasty whiff... Nice. I did take some before pictures, but it was so long ago that I cannot find them.

It took me ages and ages to recover it, and I have been doing it in stages, but it is complete. I stripped it down and beeswaxed the wood, tacked on some new luscious thick felt, and have just recently added some jolly red canvas.

Ta-da! One brand new spanking delicious ironing board.

I love it.

Edited to ad: Can I just make it clear that I only iron for sewing purposes, oh, and weddings and interviews. I didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea about me and ironing.

Oooooh, and I have been very slack. A few weeks ago, Petit Filoux awarded me my very first blogging award. A Sunshine Award. It is 'awarded to bloggers whose positivity & creativity inspires others in the blog world'... do you hear that? Can you imagine!

Well, I am dead chuffed, thank you Petit Filoux, and sorry for being so slow with my response... real life has been getting in the way of this one.

I am going to be a bit naughty and not pass it on, but please do all have a look over on the right there and take a look at a few of the very many blogs that I follow. And go and check out Petit Filoux... that girl is a whirlwind of creativity.

And, bring on the sunshine.


Petit Filoux said...

That ironing board is superb!! I think it's official, red is my favourite colour!
Thank you for your kind words, you made me blush (well figuratively because I never blush, blood only seems to go up to my cheeks when I run!) - anyway, you completely deserve that award!!! xx

The Coffee Lady said...

Does it make ironing worthwhile?

Anonymous said...

A think a good ironing board (and cover) makes all the difference when ironing and that is a lovely board!

Lynne said...

Hmmmm....ironing board?

I think I've got one of those somewhere round here...

silverpebble said...

Ah, I love your wooden ironing board. I iron at around the same level as you, but I think, secretly, that that little beauty might make me do a little more!

Kyoko said...

You have such a cool ironing board. My very boring one rusted over some years and had to replace one recently. Yep, I do try to avoid ironing as much as possible but I do end up ironing lots of W's shirts every week...
Hope you had a great weekend!

UK lass in US said...

I feel like sending my mum over to this post. She's been known to iron hankies and underwear and can not understand why I only, well, iron for sewing, weddings and interviews. Oh, and funerals.

That doesn't stop me appreciating that beautiful ironing board, mind.