Saturday, 27 March 2010

Knitting for the bump

I haven't done any knitting for ages. I have been slogging to get Backstitch up and running and craft-wise I have been beavering away on some projects that will be for the Backstitch blog.

But a couple of days ago I picked up the needles again.

I am 31 weeks pregnant and really getting quite big now. Getting to the stage where I am not just moving slowly, but trying to move less too. And although this goes against my nature, I have realised that moving less and knitting make a winning combination.

Now, this poor little baby that is wriggling away inside me hasn't been crafted anything yet (actually that's not exactly true, but near enough) so a small red cardigan is on the needles.

The pattern is a free one (God bless Ravelry), and is available here. This is the link to my project in Ravelry.

As we don't know what flavour this baby will be I am knitting it in a nice universal red, and shall be using a big brown wooden button, yet to be purchased, as the feature. I think the cardi has a pretty unisex shape too.
Hooray for knitting!


dottycookie said...

I remember knitting for tiny people. It's a very rewarding pastime.

I can hardly believe you're 31 weeks already!

Rhiannon said...

Only nine weeks left? Goodness!

KNitting for small people is very rewarding, not least because of the speed with which stuff knits up!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - nearly there! That yarn is gorgeous - red is such a positive and lively colour - perfect for baby. Take care, Jen x