Friday, 13 February 2009

Lift off!

We had our carpet fitted in the attic on Wednesday... oooh, there's nothing quite like a new room with new carpet! My in-laws also arrived mid afternoon for a three day visit and to take over childcare duties so my time was freed up to sort out the house re-arrangement.

B and I put together all the Ikea drawers on Wednesday night and dis and re-mantled the bed so the big stuff was done. All day yesterday was spent cleaning and moving and cleaning and sorting. The transformation is incredible. We are not finished yet, and I still have to do another Ikea run - why we can't organise ourselves to get it all in one go, I don't know. Actually I do, it's down to mind changing and indecision!

The top picture there is our new attic room. We are yet to put up clothes hanging rails in the eaves, and a curtain rail, on which will hang a curtain (yet to make) to cover up our drawers and associated tat.

And now for the studio/ office... please see before photos: A nightmare of a situation where we had office (in my day job I work from home), and bedroom, and storage room all in one. As you can see, it is not a good look:

But hey! Look what it is like at the moment: Lovely new desk arrangement, shelves with space on them, a standing height work desk... hurrah!

B will have a desk and music set-up in the right hand corner of the bottom photo, and I will have another little desk for my sewing machine. It's coming on, no?


Ragged Roses said...

It all looks and sounds so exciting. Glad you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Eva said...

you did a great job in the attic, looks cozy and peaceful. are you planning to buy nightstands on your next trip to ikea? i think book tower with a lamp on it adds a nice touch to the picture.

when we go to ikea, we need to do it all in one go because it's a two hour ride there if we are lucky and the traffic is light. all the same, we always forget to buy this or that!