Monday, 2 February 2009

My very own sticky dust

A little while ago DottyCookie posted about a shelf in her kitchen that was prone to collecting 'sticky dust' an evil that seems to escape no kitchen. The comments on that post were all of us cursing the stuff. Well, since we have been having building work done, I have had to give my house over to the filth, and I am just starting to get back on top of it. This weekend I tackled our glasses shelf. The following will explain why we have been using the same few clean glasses from the front, and leaving the ones at the back.

Oh, the horror! Will you just look at that! You might think I shouldn't have let it get so bad, but what is the point in spring cleaning if there is a new layer of plaster/ coal/ saw dust every day? Good riddance builders!

Ugh, can you see the grime on top of the glasses? But look, hot soapy water.

And, just look at that... anyone for an orange squash?


dottycookie said...

It always feels so good to get the muck off - it's about time I did another dust patrol in my kitchen, sigh.

Eva said...

those colorful glasses look so nice i would use them all the time.

washing glassware with hot soapy water can be really enchanting.

Kyoko said...

Ooooo I must do mine too!!! I just saw lots of dust behind my toaster. Your cupboard looks sparkling clean!
Orange squash please! ♥