Monday, 27 April 2009

Bags of fun

I am very conscious of bleating on about this wedding malarkey, but it is absorbing rather a lot of my active and creative time at the moment. I sense that I am going to bore you one way or another - either by telling you all about it, or censoring it entirely and have nothing to talk about. So I shall tell you about a few things.
There are 13 kids between the ages of 1 and 6 coming to our wedding, plus 3 very new babies. I am concerned that everybody has a good time; that's the parents, the kids and those who are neither. So I figure let's keep the kids entertained.

We decided to do party bags for them. Party bags that they would get at the beginning of the day, that contained things to keep them occupied during the day. Things like:

Colouring in books...

I did want to just buy some, but I could only find expensive rubbish, so a bit of a google search for colouring pages, some coloured card, and a whizz up and down on the sewing machine... hey presto!
Pens, now I have to get pens.


dottycookie said...

We were at a wedding last year where they gave party bags to the children at the start of the reception - genius idea. Your colouring books are great!

Kyoko said...

Oh, what a fantastic idea! The colouring books look really good. Way better than what we see in the shop :D
Such a novel idea to sew paper to make books. Clever you!

Rhiannon said...

Brilliant idea - i like sewing them together as well, such a fab idea :D


JuliaB said...

What a bloomin' fabulous idea!!! Such a nice thing to do for the kiddies too. I'm with Dottycookie, you are a genius!!


Ali said...

The very sweetest wedding we've been to in recent years was made into a real celebration for the smaller guests as well. And we were eternally grateful to the bride and groom for such a very thoughtful gesture. Your little guests (and their parents) are sure to be thrilled!

Diane said...

Great idea and I loved the way you have made them personal for the kids.

Helen said...

Such a lovely idea and I really like the personalised colouring books. The children (and their parents) are going to be thrilled!

Kristina said...

Oooo, cute! I so badly wanted to put together kiddie bags for our wedding, but seeing as how there was only one "kid," I couldn't justify the time. We used lots of Googled free coloring book pages for our guestbook, though!

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