Friday, 3 April 2009

Sun and Sewing = Fine and Dandy

I find that there is so much going on at the moment in life, and it can be easy to get bogged down in the mechanics of it all. A lot recently I have found myself running in and running right out again. Taking no time to actually enjoy life.

All the things that are making me busy are good things... things that make life better, like making our house a home and keeping fit, and earning a living, but they don't half get me worked up into a tizzy.

Yesterday I did some sewing, the first in what feels like forever, and whilst Mil napped, I sewed and ironed and measured and I was totally calm, even when I made a mistake... and the sun came out.

And, before I ran out to run in a race (bananas, I know) we sat in the garden, Brendan had a glass of home brew, we admired the tulips and Mil watered the plants.

Life is okay...

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