Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Holiday Weekend

We visited London on Saturday. It was a great day, reminding us of why we love the big city and also why we are glad we got out - so many people! It was a dual purpose visit, firstly we needed to order cheese for the wedding, and so whilst Brendan and I spent some heavenly time in Neals Yard Dairy at Borough Market ordering 8kg of cheese, Mil got to go to the park with his Oddpop (Mil has Oddparents instead of Godparents) and be spoilt with ice creams.

And then we headed up North to visit the new baby cousin, deliver our gifts, and go to park number two and be spoilt by Oddma! The baby is a real cutie, and all seems to be well there.

On Sunday before running in our local fun run (which was not fun at all - 10k in the sweltering heat saw some casualties) I managed to whip up these drawstring bags which are to hold the pens for our kiddy party bags at the wedding.

So, slowly but surely getting through the list of wedding jobs, and looking forward to being able to relax on honeymoon! I hope everyone had a good sunny weekend.

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Rhiannon said...

8kg of cheese?!


can I come? :p