Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sewing for Knitting

Brendan took Mil to soft play on Sunday morning and I did some sewing. It was lush. I have not done any sewing for fun for ages, it's all been big thick velvet curtains which has been a bit of a pain, and had me yelling rather a lot.

It seems I have become a knitter. And, up until now, when I take my knitting to the park/pub I wrap it up in a plastic bag. But... no longer!

I made myself a neat and tidy drawstring bag which will hold my wool and notions, and if I am knitting something small like socks, the project and needles too. The idea is that I will also make a rather larger bag which will carry my entire project when I am working on something bigger.

The bag acts as a kind of dispenser for the wool as I am knitting... and it works! Hurrah!

All very simple, but making me very happy regardless. And, the husband socks are nearly ready - update soon!

Fabric used is American Jane's 'Recess' (green and red prints) and Denyse Schmidt's 'Katie Jump Rope' (blue print).


Monica said...

lovely bag!!

Dorie said...

curtains make me yell too. They should should be so easy...