Sunday, 16 August 2009

Knitted Hand Towel

We are on a bit of an economy drive at the moment. So I am planning ahead and trying to make gifts for the very important people. My eldest brother is one of those people, and his birthday is today (and so the surprise can now be revealed!).

I had to put my sock knitting on hold for a few days while I completed this. A knitted cotton hand towel. The pattern is a free one and was sourced through Ravelry. I am loving Ravelry at the moment.

The main yarn is Patons Cotton Aran in colourway 3669, and the hanging loop is Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton in colourway 39013. You can link to my ravelry project here.

I definitely recommend this for a quick and fun knit and I am going to knit another one for somebody else. Although, I can't tell you how strange I found it going from 3mm needles to 5mm needles and back again. Very weird, felt like a giant/dwarf!

I am also coming to realise that a label is required with handmade gifts, primarily with washing instructions on. So I dragged out my very rickety typewriter and typed a little label to go with it. Justifies my keeping the thing for 10 years without using it once... I knew it would come in handy one day.

By the way, thank you for your lovely comments about my Big Granny Skirt. I have to admit to being a bit naughty and posting the pictures that showed it in its most flattering and least representative light. I can assure you... although it looks good in the pictures it looks less good in the flesh - amazing what a good angle can do! I have put it in my clothes drawer and feel that one day maybe it will somehow look wonderful. hmmm.


silverpebble said...

Oh, more cleverness! There's something so satisfying about making presents isn't there? This little hand towel looks really soft and I love the design.

JuliaB said...

That's really gorgeous! And lovely colours. I shall look up that pattern as I am now starting to think about the dreadded "c" time ... xxx

Rhiannon said...

How lovely - and how incredibly sensible of you to get ahead with present making - I always find myself making stuff on the day itself!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I wish my knitting was a bit more up to scratch because I'd love to make that. Gorgeous.

busygnomes said...

congratulations on your marriage, looks like a wonderful honeymoon.