Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Making clothes?

Last week B and I both took holiday from work, but stayed put. We were in Cambridge for the weekend, but then we just hung out at home - lived a little. It was marvelous, and I had a good amount of time to spend sewing.

Firstly, this hat out of snuggley red fleece for M. Again, it was from (an increasingly well thumbed) Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing. I hadn't realised that the fleece had one side that sewed well and one side that didn't. So, obviously I only got one of the four pieces of the hat the right way round! Ah well, there is always next time, and anyway, it looks cosy! At first, disappointingly, M wouldn't have it anywhere near him, let alone on his head, but we went for a lovely walk this evening and the hat remained in place for the entire journey... it made me very happy.

Then, after a good friend of mine directed me to this book in Oxfam, I suddenly had notions of sewing him an entire wardrobe of cute dungarees and jackets, and away I went. Now, I have never made clothes before and as a novice sewer I was a little nervous, but hey, the only way to learn is to get it wrong.
It was all going marvelously. Who couldn't get excited by a blue corduroy autumn jacket with yellow lining? In an evening, I got this far:

And this is where I am stuck. The shape seems very wrong, and as it is too big for M at the moment I am struggling to work out how the proportions are wrong. The arms are long and the jacket is short and wide. It is a very sorry sight! I will come back and conquer, though. Even if I have to start over!
And to finish, a couple of pics of the next round of bunting... as requested by Kitschen Pink! I love the mix. I can see it coming together... flags flapping in the wind. It's going to be brilliant. There's nothing I love more than bunting! And look at those all stacked up neatly. Lovely.


Kitschen Pink said...

WOW! Once again deeply impressed by your foray into sewing world! That book looks wonderful! Is the dress next?! The bunting is going to be sooooo pretty!

the pesky bombolino said...

I think the jacket looks good- I love the lining. Maybe it's meant to be cropped!

Kyoko said...

Totally in love with the red hat :D
Seriously impressed with your sewing. I have never made a jacket before (although i would love to) and wouldn't dear change the patter because i am too scared to ruin it. Your jacket looks so nice.

Garden Girl said...

Glad you enjoyed your staycation! I LOVE the bunting, so very beautiful. I have become a bunting addict of late, and have it strung around the cafe, it always makes people smile!x

dottycookie said...

Lovely bunting! Lovely hat! Lovely jacket - even if it isn't quite what you intended it is still very cute. And over a pair of dungarees ...

I love sewing clothes for my children,at least while they're small enough to let me do so!

joanne said...

Hello - I've just discovered your blog - I'm hooked already! Your makes are lovely. I felt I had to comment to say hi as we have two things in common - we both run online fabric shops (I'm from Saints & Pinners) and we both have that book (Little Clothes...), and if you count the fact that I'm struggling with a pattern from it too, you could say that makes three! Hope you've had a breakthrough with it since 2008. I may well be struggling for the next few years.