Monday, 6 October 2008

B's Birthday

It was B's Birthday on Wednesday. As tradition dictates, none of us were at work or school and we had a day of holiday. Starting with presents and bacon and eggs. There was a home made gift among the bunch too...
A Moleskine cover. I did look for inspiration in blogland and found this which is great, but not quite what I was after, so I measured something up to my own design.
B never goes anywhere without a pen and notebook, using them for drawing and writing, as well as for shopping lists and explaining things to people. He has a couple of moleskins so I thought a cover would be appropiate.
The patterned fabric is from the Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope range, which I bought at Millie Moon.
I did a velcro close and there is a slot for a pen. It is not perfect, but overall I am pleased with the result... just need to make one for myself now!
In the afternoon we paid a visit to Kilver Court and walked around their gardens, which are really beautiful... you would never expect them to be there, and we had the whole place to ourselves.
We came home as the rain started, and cooked ourselves a fancy supper. I even baked a cake and a treacle tart for pudding, but failed to take pictures before they got demolished... ah well!

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Kyoko said...

Happy Birthday to B! :D
Hope you had a wonderful day (looks like you did!). A beautiful garden too. Is it easy to make a treacle tart? It's my favourite but I haven't eaten it for ages as I don't know how to make it.. Have a great week!