Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Kitchen Poetry: Sunday (on Tuesday - whoops)

I have really enjoyed taking part in kitchen poetry, so a big thanks to simple sparrow for suggesting it. I am afraid I lost it with the regular posting at the end there. Oh dear, never mind, just as well there is no blog police!
I rang about my sewing machine today and the shop who are servicing it for me still have it (ready to come back to me) but are waiting for more than one reason to come and deliver it back. They have had it for 3 weeks now and I am going a little potty. M and I might have endure the 2 hour round trip to collect it or no body will be getting any Christmas pressies at this rate!


dottycookie said...

The daily posting was pretty brutal!

Hope the machine is better soon. I think I'd go slightly mad without mone too!

katie said...

worth two hours in the car to get back in the sewing swing of it - I couldn't live without mine - and so I have two!!! (greedy) one was a present - the other is over 30 years old - I love them both
nice blog!
the blog police

raining sheep said...

The great thing about having a blog is that you are in control. Sunday can definitely be Tuesday :) Those tomatoes look really good...I would be hard-pressed finding good tomatoes this time of the year in Calgary.

Kyoko said...

you have a great kitchen! Look at the cute fish bowl. :D I love it.
I am sorry that your sewing machine has a problem. 2 hour round trip is a long way. I hope everything will be OK. I was reading your previous posts and look at all the food!!!! it is making me very hungry. I hope your roof will be sorted as soon as possible. Would you have to live somewhere else? I completely understand that doing construction work at home can be quite stressful. We have a problem with our shower room and nothing is being done as I am too scared to deal with workers.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!