Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kitchen Poetry: Wednesday

Tonights dinner... spicy potato cakes (made with last nights left over mash - don't you just love left over mash?) with spinach and mushroom daal.

Yum Scrum.


dottycookie said...

That looks gorgeous - love it all!

Nikki said...

MMMM.... yes - the old leftover mash trick. The addition of the spicy dahl trick is a stroke of genius!

Thanks for swinging by to visit my blog. Nice to meet you!

belleandboo said...

mmmmm that sounds yummy, I had my tea tonite at Ikea & although I like there meat balls, I definitely would have prefered your dinner :)

oohhh spooky the word verification below says 'mashe'

Kyoko said...

Yum. I am very hungry now. You are very good at cooking. I should be more adventurous!

JuliaB said...