Thursday, 6 November 2008

Kitchen Poetry: Thursday

I am very stressed out. The full reasons I will no doubt share at some point. Maybe something to do with the whole house being covered in a fine layer of black dust - right down to the top of all the picture frames and the toilet seat, and also the fabulous prospect of having the entire roof taken off in a matter of weeks... yes. that means no roof in December... Joy.

Rant over, down to the evenings Kitchen Poetry:

Mr Elastic's mise-en-place. I assure you he did this off his own back... no rearranging for the camera (obviously just another day in the Elastic household!).

The main event: Chinese Pork Stir-fry with rice.

And sideboard of general mayhem. These silver(ish) pots are out to try and persuade me to polish them. They will probably be there for another few days before I get round to it. There is also some shampoo and conditioner from today's shop waiting to go upstairs, the local paper, some junk mail, and a Mediterranean cookbook to seek inspiration for our big Saturday night cook up... We had a disappointing Meze last weekend and have been talking of nothing but rectifying this disappointment all week. The menu is being fine tuned.

Night night, over and out.

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dottycookie said...

Oh my - is Mr Elastic up for hire?!