Wednesday 28 January 2009

Brittle Elastic

So, I haven't posted in quite a while.

It feels like we are sinking in this house at the moment... too many big, time consuming and disruptive tasks all on at the same time. There has been no crafting, unless you count taking up a new pair of jeans?! The builders have gone, which is a relief, but we are left with a stack of DIY and it seems no time in which to complete it. We have to keep remembering that it will be finished soon and it will be worth it!

Now, I normally take pictures specifically to blog, but as it appears I am not blogging I thought I might just bung up some randoms...

If you are still reading, then thanks, and I shall endeavour to share a bit more often.

Some biscuits for a Christmas thank you card.

Our landing as it looks at the moment... up those stairs is where we will be sleeping, and through that door is where we will have our office and sewing room... Hang on in there!

Dads, sons, uncles and cousins out walking at the weekend.