Friday 7 January 2011

Do you think he will notice?

Do you think my husband will notice that we have a new eiderdown on our bed?  The red one below is what we used to have and the green one is what we have now.

I couldn't help myself.  It was in the window of the charity shop as I ran past last night.  The shop was closed and I was pawing at the window.  I even had dreams last night of coming into the shop in the morning and seeing someone else at the till with it in their arms... argh! 

This morning I piled the boys (as of course there are now two) into the pushchair and hurried up to the High Street, in the rain, to be there as the shop opened.  I won't say how much I paid, but it is worth it already.  Although, now I want new bed linen to complement the gorgeous eiderdown.  Oh dear.

And, hello!  Is this a one time only appearance or am I back for good?  I would like to think the latter, as I have missed it here. 

Catch you later! x