Sunday 11 April 2010

Baby Knits

Today I finished two projects. A red jacket and some booties. Both for the baby. Some might be forgiven for thinking that this baby is going to be born in December, not May, but hey, you know the what the British summer is like.

I am loving knitting at the moment and now feel quite lost that I have nothing on the go... not sure what I can get click-clacking on next? Perhaps something for the boy... poor chap has not been knitted anything yet.

Both projects are in my Ravelry. The jacket here and the boots here. Both projects are free ones, the jacket from here and the boots here, and both were really great quick knits... highly recommended. The only concern I have is that the booties really are tiny. I think if I made them again, I would make them longer in the foot. They currently measure up at 7cm heel to toe... I know babies are small, but 7cm? Besides, it looks like I'm cooking up a nine and a half pounder in here.

And, how are you all? Enjoying this sunny spell?