Friday, 15 August 2008

A bag for a chair

We have a travel high chair on loan to us from my brother. It has been used a lot, going with us whenever we go away. It gets clamped to the dining table wherever we are and M sort of hangs in it... brilliant! M is just about getting too big for it now and I am due to pass it back to my brother for their next one. However, the bag that it came in has seen better days and definitely needs to go in the bin. It was horrible to begin with but now it is split and the fastenings have had it, so it is useless as well as ugly, please see below:

So, ta da! I have whipped up a new bag for it. Using the end of some calico and handles out of some liberated cushion covers.

I made a little knife and fork patch to practise my hand stitching too. I am pretty pleased!

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Kitschen Pink said...

Now that's a carry bag! I think you need to take the travel chair out lots to some very nice restaurants to do it justice!