Friday, 22 August 2008

A marmalade jar and a clutch

I have a desk job Monday to Wednesday and on Thursdays and Fridays I look after my little boy whilst (soon to be) Mr Elastic works in the local book shop. M is just about still having a nap, about an hour before lunch, and yesterday during this time I managed to make the bulk of this little clutch from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules book. It is a lot smaller than I had expected from her picture, but it is nice to get back on the machine doing something colourful.
The clutch is for a friends birthday. We are off to Cambridge at the weekend which is both B and my home town. We are to be celebrating this birthday by punting up to Granchester Meadows for a picnic, which I haven't done in donkeys. I hope M will be alright in the boat - I have visions of him leaping off the edge and having to go in after him.
I also went down to our local junk/ antique shop yesterday and bought this old marmalade jar. Just what I have been looking for - a jar wide enough and squat enough to not topple over with the weight of four pairs of scissors. And, I put my buttons in a kilner. Hmm. I could do with a few more I think!

It feels good to make these little steps to getting myself organised for sewing. I am doing a lot more and have another couple of projects on the go. One is a colaboration with Mr Elastic and we were both working on it last night... soon to be revealed!


Ragged Roses said...

Hope you had a great time in Cambridge. We went boating yesterday on the River Ouse, hope you had as much fun. Love the bag

Kitschen Pink said...

Hey there fancy! Have fun in the punt and strap down the boy! (or put him in a float suit! then you can relax and just hook him in with the pole!) Love that you're getting your workroom together. Definitely need to go button shopping! You should set targets - one jar a month seems reasonable! HA! I wish I could be that restrained! t.x