Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Zipper Pull

Here, look, I made a zipper pull for my new project. I am going to make a zipper pouch and I thought a pull with a clue as to it's contents would be fun. I am pleased with the design although not sure about the colours (might go for something a little subtler) and that stitching is pretty terrible. I'll have to gen up on tidy stitching too.


Primrose Hill said...

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting Primrose Hill, little Moss is doing good. She had her first car ride today over to the vets, she yelped all the way!
Have enjoyed having a wee read of your blog, you have the same kettle as us! It does take an age to boil but it's worth it when you hear that whistle, don't you think!

L x

Kitschen Pink said...

oooh! I sense a button collection somewhere! Hope to see pictures. Tidy stitching comes with practice. In the meantime just consider your freestyle stitching an artistic statement, I think tidiness is much over-rated! It's a lovely little pull! t.x

Kyoko said...

What a great idea! I actually like the colours, it's lovely. Can't wait to see the zipper pouch!