Wednesday 6 May 2009

Cluck Cluck

It was my hen do this weekend just gone... Friday to Monday full of hilarity and joy with 12 of my best girl buddies. I had an absolute ball. I returned a shell of my former self having been the last to bed and the first up each day, desperate not to miss any of it. We ate like kings, drank like fish, dressed up for our own amusement and I wept like a baby at the love, kindness and generosity of my friends.

Most of the pictures are not for public consumption, but of those that are, it shows that there was also some serious girl fun in the way of...

...long walks (not forgetting the pub lunch half way)...

...sea swims (not forgetting a quick vodka to see off the cold)...

...and bank holiday car booty.
The only thing missing were my boys, and boy, distance sure makes the heart grow fonder.
Bring on the wedding.


Rhiannon said...

That looks like a wonderful weekend
(although I think I would have needed more than one vodka to be tempted into the sea!)


Kyoko said...

Sounds like you had such fun! Sea swims!!! Yes, I agree with Rhiannon that I would probably need a whole bottle of whisky! I bet it was quite refreshing :D
Hope you have a great weekend.

Aspen Real Life said...

I found you from MommyCoddle. Love the photos. It is so good to see that some of us are smart enough to ensure a remarkable day on Mother's Day.

I am definitely doing it all wrong!

I miss the ocean here in Aspen.