Tuesday 6 December 2011

Maia's Quilt

One of my best friends just had another baby.  Her twin boys are aged six, and I think the question of whether to go for number three was thought about for most of those six years.  Happily her then unknown presence was finally deemed very much necessary, and now she is here in the world and how very exciting and pleasing this is for us all.  Unfortunately, I won't get to meet her right away as she lives in Italy... Oh, how I would like to zip over and see them!

So, I made a quilt for her.  I pieced the top in a weekend which is unheard of for me, I don't know how I did it really, I think I may have been neglecting my children and husband somewhat.  Then it took me a little longer to back and quilt and bind.  The fabric is American Jane Recess.  I bought a FQ stack of this line yonks ago, and sadly I think this will be the last quilt it makes, but it has served me well.  It did this one, and this one.  And clearly that duvet cover picked up in the charity shop has done me well too, as it backed the three Recess quilts and this one!  Gosh, I am predictable aren't I?

So, sewing is being slipped in between the rest of life.  Although this 'rest' of life is proving to be rather stressful.  We have sold our home and are in the process of buying a new one.  The new one being 200 miles away.  Eek.

And, I would like to thank Knotted Cotton for this post, by reminding me that I have a blog.


Ruth said...

Gorgeous quilt - and exciting news! Where are you moving to?

Catherine said...

Very nice blog too. That's a really tasty quilt:-) Lucky baby.

Caroline said...

This is amazing. You're amazing!

What a lovely pressie. x

Unknown said...

Hanging Basket