Monday 7 February 2011

Some Knitting

I have not been doing much crafting.  I have been snowed under with Backstitch work, and it seems that it may continue that way.  But I do sneak the odd bit in.

Over Christmas I made Mil some Legwarmies... Ravelry link here.  But he rejected them, so they have been adopted by Emmett.  Good old Emmett - always up for a cast off.  They are knitted with the totally gorgeous MillaMia yarn who have brilliant colours... yet another Swedish export that I can't get enough of.

And just in shot there on Mil is his tank that I made him back in Summer.  This was my hospital knitting for when I had Emmett.  Mil did not reject this.  I told him it would make him run faster, and now it is his favourite.  The pattern was recommended by the lovely Helen over at Angharad Handmade it is called 'Bob'.  Ravelry project page here.  The pictures are taken on our allotment at the end of the summer.  We were planting peas and onions for the mice and birds to eat over winter.

And if you're wondering if he noticed the new eiderdown... he didn't.  I couldn't believe it.  I had to point it out to him in the morning having slept under it all night.  I never for a moment thought he wouldn't notice... it was just meant to be a headline.  Oh well.


silverpebble said...

There you are! And there are your boys! What gorgeous photos. I think the owl top legwarmer combo could catch on. Emmett certainly looks pleased with it.

Veronica Spriggs said...
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angharad handmade said...

Gorgeous photos of your boys! I always planned to knit a 'bob' for my boy, but never quite got around to it, yours looks lovely though. Legwarmies are so cute too - Emmett looks thrilled with them!