Sunday, 8 November 2009

Anyone fancy another round of Kitchen Poetry?

I was having a little look back at what was going on in the blog this time last year and found that at the beginning of Nov 2008 Toni of Simple Sparrow (now here) hosted Kitchen Poetry. Kitchen Poetry was a week of photographic posts from in your kitchen. The photo could be of anything as long as it was in your kitchen.

I really enjoyed this exercise and (with Toni's blessing) have decided to do it again running from tomorrow (Monday) through to Sunday.

Anyone want to join me? If you do please comment on this post and point back to it, that way I (and anyone else who joins in) can enjoy the weeks happenings in your kitchen too.

Eeek... here comes a week of daily posting... better go and clean the hob!


dottycookie said...

Sure, why not!

Rhiannon said...

If I say yes but fail miserably, will you hate me?

driftwood said...

ooh I'll join in if that's ok xox

The Coffee Lady said...

Am I too late?

alice c said...

I am too late and I won't manage a week's worth but I hope you don't mind me mentioning your name.