Friday, 6 November 2009

Eye Spy... Shoes

Did you know Bug and Pop does eye spy and this week it is shoes? I thought I would join in with this one and show and tell you my two favourite pairs. I'm a little late (it starts on Sunday), but better late than never.

First off, the pair I bought to get married in... I obviously LOVE them and they are also surprisingly comfy. From Celine. You can't see from this picture, but they have a very lovely square toe.

And, my most worn pair... my Raw Terrain boots from here. This is my second pair of these. I wear them all winter.... 98% of the time. I walk in them, I hang out in them, they are cosy, they are waterproof, you can drive in them, they only cost £35... and last year, before we had carpets, I even wore them like slippers in the house.

I have just washed all the mud off them from Wales.

Ahh.... Shoes.

And... I did some sewing! I miracle! Very boring but functional sewing. Here we have an inadequate box for a spare airbed and pump...

And here we have an ample and lovely bag for bed and pump, and even a small pocket for the puncture repair kit!! I was very very excited about doing this yesterday... small pleasures!


Petit Filoux said...

Oh my those heals are high!!! No chance I'd be seen in those, I'm hopeless with anything higher than a couple of inches!!! love love love the second pair, that's exactly what i need!! always struggling to find something i can walk in and waterproof... and i have to say that bag is brilliant! i think the boyfriend would be a little angry if i added sewing to my hobbies, i already take up so much space!

Jennifer said...

Great job on the bag, functional sewing is some of my favourite.

JuliaB said...

ahhh shoes ... x

Rhiannon said...

Those shoes are fantastic. Completely and utterly fantastic. Did I mention how fantastic they were?

As for the airbed bag, I approve muchly, especially as it has its own pocket :)


dottycookie said...

Lovely to turn something practical into something beautiful!

Your wedding shoes are fab, it goes without saying, but I LOVE your boots. In fact, I think I need some!

Cindy said...

I love the wedding shoes! They are so cool and practical is always good too!