Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Kitchen Poetry 3: Wednesday

I love cooking. B loves cooking. We used to cook a lot together. We would spend all week planning what feast we were going to create on the weekend, and then spend all day preparing, and have friends over to eat with us.
Now we have a little one around, we don't have the time to cook as much as we did, but we do eat well, very well.
Our library of cookery books (there are some gardening ones there too) is dipped into all the time and we try to cook new things as much as possible.
Do you see any glaring gaps that need filling? Any recommendations?


Petit Filoux said...

If you like curry, you definitely need Madhur Jaffrey's Ultimate Curry Bible - it's just gorgeous! x

Jennifer said...

I love cooking, and eating, and often browse through cookbooks as a relaxing time. We really like The River Cottage Family Cookbook, and if you want some scrumptious goodies, check out The Pastry Queen. There are some phenomenal goodies in there.

dottycookie said...

I use Sarah Raven's Garden Cookbook more than I ever thought I would. And if you have even a passing interest in veggie food, the Cranks Bible is heaven in an orange cover.

JuliaB said...

The Cranks Bible by Nadine Abensur is my favourite all time cook book and a definate must have for any shelf. Oooh! I have the Silver Spoon too! xx

Rhiannon said...

I love cook books, they make life fantastic :) (although I've not got even half that many...)
I like Nigella's Domestic Goddess for baking (and I might be able to see it but I can't be sure...) and even thoughI don't own it, Nigel Slater's 30 minute cook book is very good!

driftwood said...

oooh cook books, one of my passions.
but what to recommend, well if you like them to read and pore over the photographs I don't think you can beat anything by Tessa Kiros, her apples for jam is the most beautiful cook book I own. and for baking, cherry cakes and ginger beer by jane brocket. x

Mr. P said...

Glad to see a Nigel Slater!