Friday, 13 November 2009

Kitchen Poetry 05: Friday

Tonight is carnival night here in our little city, and seeing as we live on the route, we have friends over so the kids can press their noses up against our front window, and the adults can skulk in the back room drinking wine.

I was going to post some pictures of general merriment from this evening, but we were struck with a power cut in early evening and this has become the story.

It is lasagna, salad and garlic bread on the menu tonight, and luckily B had made the red sauce earlier on today, but I had to make the white sauce and construct the things. Power cuts don't usually last long around here, so I was pretty confident we would be able to get them in the oven, but did need to make this other sauce. Now, you would think the gas hob would work, but it has some safety cut out, so here I am cooking on the camping stove.

All back on now, after an hour and a half which is the longest I've known for a while.

Happy carnival all!


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun evening, despite the power outage.

dottycookie said...

Last time we had a big power cut I had a horde of small people over for tea. We ended up with ham sandwiches as thecamping stove was out of gas!

Rhiannon said...

We don't seem to get power cuts here in the city, but my parents have definately had rather a few over the years - its always interesting to see how the family cope without tv and the like for an hour or two!
ps. kudos on camping stove lasagne!

m.e (Cathie) said...

it's all so exciting for the little ones though!
hope you had a great night.