Sunday, 29 November 2009

Advent Calendar and Sloe Gin Labels

I am full steam ahead with Christmas planning right now. We are off to London at the weekend and need to drop off 90% of our gifts, and I only really realised this a few days ago. We are getting there though and it will be a great relief to be a little ahead.

Also, I've been doing Mil's advent calendar. That's what that little preview on the last post was. I have numbered 24 little envelopes and drawn and coloured a Christmas themed token for in each one, as well as a written activity for each day. I am going to peg them to a ribbon, in an as yet undecided location. I'll show you pics when they are up.

If you would like to use the sheet I made for the 24 advent tokens I have made it available as a pdf here. You could use it for colouring-in fun, or gift tags too. I warn you, some of the drawings are somewhat primitive! I have also put our activities here as a pdf too. A lot of these are the same as those that are all over blogland at the moment.

I also made some labels for our sloe gin, as we are giving these as gifts. I have done these as a download too, but not sure how many of you will be using Mendip sloes! I'm rather pleased... it feels like things are coming together!

Oh, and look, my hyacinth is flowering and smells glorious.


Anonymous said...

I love advent calendars! And your hyacynth is lovely. Happy holidays!

dottycookie said...

Our hyacinths are a bit behind yours. And thanks for the extra activities - I'm finishing up my list this afternoon!

Rhiannon said...

Lovely lovely lovely :)
I'm doing a similar advent calendar for us here, although no idea what I'm going to put in it or where I'm going to put it - but the idea of NO advent calendar was definitely more than I could bear
As for the sloe gin labels - well, I know one set of people I could donate them to!

Jennifer said...

Everything looks great, and your hyacinth looks beautiful. Wishing I had some in the house here.

Petit Filoux said...

Where did you get your bottles for the gin from? I'm trying to find some to give out some blackberry brandy, but they all seem to be quite expensive, which defeats the point really!

silverpebble said...

Ooh that little advent picture sheet is fabulous - thanks so much for this.

Slow gin aaaahhhhh. SO warming by the fire.

Look at you all organised - you're ahead of us all!

Kyoko said...

Thank you so much for the pdf! Your drawing is amazing! They are not primitive at all. I cannot draw like that ;)
Sloe gin look so exciting with your labels. You are very good to prepare all this for Christmas. I just started on the very first gift!! AAgghg!

Monica said...

very nice!!!

and no chocolate... ah you are a very good mummy. I failed miserably on the chocolate front.

Kristine said...

Thanks for the colouring-in pdf. We're going to do some Christmas colouring as one of our advent activities now too. I love a good excuse to get the Derwents out!